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I had the honor and privilege to become involved at the inception of the Lougheed Festival.  The first Lougheed festival, then called the Lougheed-Kofoed Festival, occurred with only three months of planning and preparations.  Please note that the posters below were designed by the office of Public Affairs, not myself.

Lougheed Festival 2013


For the 2013 Festival I served as the Festival Management Intern.  This was a new internship created to work with the newly hired Events Co-ordinator here on campus.  My tasks included the development of the schedule, reviewing space requests and technical riders, and checking on each event prior to its occurrence.

Lougheed-Kofoed Festival 2012


For the 2012 Lougheed-Kofoed Festival I served as the Festival Manager answering to the office of Advancement and Planned Giving.  I was brought in to the process following the awarding of monetary funds to performances and so my greatest task was to work with every department and co-ordinate what locations would be used when, based primarily on their technical and audience size requirements.  For the initial calendar work we utilized google calendars because of its convenience for access by multiple people and the ability to share the calendars to a wider audience.  Below are links to the drafts and the final product made by Public Affairs used for the advertisements.

Joshua Poston                                                                LIGHTING DESIGN


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